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Revival: The Fruit of Repentance

When we hear the word revival, we think of so many things.  We might think of church meetings where a guest “evangelist” comes in and preaches fiery sermons in hope of some of the locals getting “saved.”  But what is revival?  Revival is literally the people of God returning to the Lord.  And the people of God returning to the Lord is really nothing more, or less, than repentance.  That is why we are calling this event, scheduled for September 18-21, Revival: The Fruit of Repentance.  It is our hope that God would use this series of messages to move the people of God at Cleary to a deeper level of repentance and to experience a measure of revival.  Would you begin praying now that you would be brought to repentance and that you would bear the fruit of that repentance: Revival?
Guest Pastor and Preacher: 
  • Kevin Ivy
  • Sunday, September 18th: 10:30am & 2pm  (Lunch Provided)
  • Monday, September 19th – Wednesday, September 21st: 6:30pm
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